Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Ringing on 21st Apr 2011

George again ringed today, firstly at the Observatory and then later on, over at Aylmer Avenue with the result that 23 birds were processed with 13 New birds and 10 Retraps.

  The catch was made up thus (New/Retraps) - (0/1) Great Spotted Woodpecker, (1/1) Whitethroat, (2/0) Willow Warbler, (1/1) Great Tit, (0/2) Greenfinch, (8/5) Goldfinch and (1/0) Linnet.

  Not the most stunning result of the year so far but three more Warblers keep the total creeping up and Spring Warblers at Gib in some years are often in very short supply.

  The Great Spotted Woodpecker was originally ringed on the 18th Dec 2010 and has now been caught four more times including today. It had a well defined Brood Patch today and so must be breeding some where either close to the reserve or on it? Hopefully it will bring it young for some peanuts when they fledge.
  The Retrap Whitethroat was originally ringed at The Observatory on the 21st June 2010 as a juvenile and has it would seems returned to breed exactly where it was born having now been trapped twice since its return on the 20th April.

  Well done George, more of the same tomorrow hopefully.

2nd year female Great Spotted Woodpecker retrapped on the 21st Apr 2011 and sporting a well defined brood patch.
Photo - George Gregory

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