Monday, 25 April 2011

Ringing on 18th Apr 2011

George was ringing at the Observatory again today with a little help from Tim during a flying visit mid morning. Nets were open for most of the morning with the result that 10 birds were processed including 9 New birds and just 1 Retrap.

  The catch was made up thus (New/Retrap) - (1/0) Meadow Pipit, (1/1) Wren, (1/0) Robin, (1/0) Wheatear, (2/0) Blackcap, (2/0) Willow Warbler and (1/0) Reed Bunting.

  The Meadow Pipit was the second of the year ringed whilst the Wheatear was the third of the year ringed, not bad when you consider that normally we wouldn't really expect to get either of these species untill at least August, Spring catches of these two species are highly unusual.

  Not a bad day then, despite the low numbers, the quality of the catch was well above average.

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