Friday, 22 April 2011

Ringing on 15th Apr 2011

Today Tim Bagworth was ringing at Aylmer Avenue during the morning whilst George opened up a few nets at the Observatory at the same time.
  The results were just a single New Blackcap at the Obs whilst Tim managed just 19 birds processed at Aylmer Avnue, with 11 New birds and 7 Retraps. However 2 of these Retraps were infact British Controls!

  The catch for the day was made up thus (New/Retrap) - (0/1) Dunnock, (1/0) Song Thrush, (2/0) Blackcap, (1/0) Chiffchaff, (0/2) Blue Tit, (1/1) Great Tit, (0/1) Chaffinch, (0/1) Greenfinch and (7/1) Goldfinch.

  The 2 Controls were a British Control Goldfinch - L744538 at 7.45am whilst then at 9.55am there was a British Control Greenfinch - TS00275. Two Controls in one day can't be bad! but this really does go to show just how important the feeding station is for catching quality birds, even in the last half of April!

  As usual, if anybody knows the origins of these birds, please let us know by Emailing me (Mick Briggs) at mbriggs@gibobs,fsworld, and I shall report back on their origins on this blog.

 Now the ringers at Gib really are starting to get very clever at catching more than one Control in one day but Tim is still one Control behind catching the 3 Controls that Mike Polling got in one day, a month ago or so! Better luck next time Tim, but Well Done anyway, very good effort!

Also reported on the reserve today were -

x1 Blackcap
x1 Sparrowhawk
x1 Buzzard
x1 Swallow

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