Sunday, 24 April 2011

Ringing on 17th Apr 2011

A truly dismal day today although George tried his best over at the Observatory during the morning, there were only two birds processed. They were a single New Robin and a single Retrap Wren.

  On a much more positive side, George's Robin was the 1,000th bird ringed this year so far, so Well done George! just a few more thousand to go! However at the present rate of increase in the ringing totals, we shall be a long time doing the next thousand! Roll on the Autumn! Although there are still plenty of breeding birds on the reserve to mop up yet!, and to be honest there should still be plenty of Spring migrants to push through yet.

  In the afternoon we held our first Meeting for 2011 of the Observatory Team which went very well. Lots was discussed and many decisions agreed upon, news of which I will post on here at the appropriate time.

Reported on the reserve on the 17th April were -

x1 Hen Harrier
Grasshopper Warbler
Common Whitethroat

Esteemed Observatory Team Members Tim Bagworth and Mark Grantham after our Obs Team meeting.
Photo - Mick Briggs

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