Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Ringing on 17th Aug 2011

The Obs nets gave George a bit more of a reward than yesterday today with 78 birds processed, including 75 New birds and just 3 Retraps, pushing the Retrap to New bird ration down to just under 4%!

  The mornings catch was made up thus (New/Retrap) - (47/0) Swallow, (1/0) Meadow Pipit, (1/0) Wren, (1/0) Dunnock, (1/0) Robin, (2/0) Reed Warbler, (9/2) Whitethroat, (1/0) Garden Warbler, (2/0) Blackcap, (7/0) Willow Warbler, (1/0) Blue Tit, (0/1) Chaffinch, (1/0) Goldfinch and (1/0) Linnet.

  A much improved catch over yesterdays figures, partly down to the wind having died down somewhat and a hint of easterly starting to develop this afternoon!

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