Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Reported 17th Jun to 20th Aug 2011

A quick update to Reported sighting's on the reserve from 17th June to the 20th August. This list is by no means complete but gives a taste of what has been seen during that time.

17th June 2011 -
x2 Marsh Harrier, x2 Green Sandpiper, x2 Spoonbill, x1 Med Gull, x4 Little Ringed Plover, x1 Siskin

22nd June 2011 -
x1 Whimbrel (south), x3 Spoonbill, x70 Swift (South), x14 Crossbill
Seawatching produced - x1 Red Throated Diver, x8 Gannet, x5 Common Scoter, x1 Fulmar, x1 Golden Plover

30th June 2011 -
x1 Willow Tit (A real Gib rarity!)

3rd August 2011 -
x1 Quail (Heard calling over the River Steeping early in the morning), x14 Spoonbill were present on Jacksons by lunchtime, 20,000 Knot on the high tide movement, x1 Roseate Tern

8th August 2011 -
x6 Spoonbill, x1 Marsh Harrier (Male), x1 Spotted Redshank, x4 Common Sandpiper
Swallow numbers continue to build up with decent numbers of Willow Warbler, Yellow Wagtail and Swift passing through the dunes.
Another sighting of two Chinese Water Deer on the reserve was made yesterday.

9th August 2011 -
x23 Little Egret (Roosting in the plantation), x2 Marsh Harrier, x1 Common Buzzard, x5 Spoonbill, x1 Barn Owl.

10th August 2011 -
x8 Spoonbill (Jacksons) x1 Quail (Heard calling over Croft Marsh first thing this morning)

11th August 2011 -
x1 Pintail (Mere), x1 Garganey (Mere), x8 Spoonbill, x150 Black Tailed Godwit (Over Old Saltmarsh at tea time)

12th Auugust 2011 -
x1 Peregrine, x2 Merlin, x1 Marsh Harrier, x1 Sparrowhawk, x1 Tree Pipit (Calling heading south at 6.30am)

15th August 2011 -
x1 Wood Warbler, x4 Whinchat, x1 Pied Flycatcher, x1 Green Woodpecker, x5 Marsh Harrier, x1 Treecreeper, x1 Common Redstart, x6 Crossbill, x4 Turtle Dove, x8 Spoonbill, x35 Willow Warbler

17th August 2011 -
x2 Whinchat, x1 Wheatear, x1 Kingfisher, x2 Marsh Harrier, x5 Spoonbill, Golden Plover & Spotted Redshank seen flying south over saltmarsh with the high tide.

19th August 2011 -
x2 Common Crane (Drifted over), x1 Wheatear

20th August 2011 -
x2 Whinchat, x3 Wheatear, x2 Marsh Harrier, x50 Golden Plover, x8 Yellow Wagtail, x3 Crossbill, x25 Linnet.

  Many thanks to members of the Gibraltar Point National Nature Reserve Facebook Page for the majority of these sightings reports. Keep up the good work, - Cracking Stuff!

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