Sunday, 21 August 2011

C.E.S. No6 26th Jun 2011

Double Effort day today with the C.E.S. being done by Mick Briggs and Dave Vincent at Aylmer and George continuing his efforts over at the Observatory. The result was a much improved 95 birds processed including 62 New birds and 33 Retraps.

  The days catch was made up thus (New/Retrap) - (4/0) Swallow, (5/0) Wren, (6/1) Dunnock, (1/0) Robin, (1/0) Reed Warbler, (3/0) Lesser Whitethroat, (13/5) Whitethroat, (2/0) Chiffchaff, (1/1) Willow Warbler, (4/3) Long Tailed Tit, (1/0) Coal Tit, (6/1) Blue Tit, (3/17) Great Tit, (1/0) Jackdaw, (6/3) Chaffinch, (1/0) Greenfinch, (3/2) Goldfinch and (1/0) Linnet.

  A much improved result with the four Swallow being a brood of pullus ringed in the entrance to Jacksons Lagoon Hide.

Jackdaw ringed on 26th June 2011.
Photo - Mick Briggs

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