Sunday, 23 October 2011

Ringing on 29th Sep 2011

A double effort day today with Mike Polling ringing at Aylmer Avenue and George ringing over at the Observatory. They processed 59 Birds between them including 38 New birds and 21 Retraps.

  The combined day catch was made up thus (New/Retrap) - (1/0) Sparrowhawk, (1/0) Wren, (2/2) Dunnock, (1/0) Robin, (1/0) Song Thrush, (2/0) Blackcap, (1/0) Chiffchaff, (6/1) Goldcrest, (1/0) Coal Tit, (0/7) Blue Tit, (1/5) Great Tit, (0/1) Treecreeper, (2/0) Chaffinch, (15/3) Greenfinch, (0/2) Goldfinch and (4/0) Reed Bunting.

  A fairly low total with two sites being operated. 59 birds processed is well below average for the time of year but then this September has been incredible quiet!

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