Friday, 21 December 2012

Late December 2012

December 31st: Rainy afternoon. The best birds were 10 Waxwings, a Rough-legged Buzzard and a Water Rail.

December 30th: Windy. Around were 10 Waxwings.

December 29th: Rain most of day. South went 10 Whooper Swans. On Jackson's Marsh were 5 Water Pipits.

December 28th: Rainy morning, windy afternoon. Flying south were 27 Waxwings and 23 Snow Buntings. The Rough-legged Buzzard and 15 Fieldfares were around. On Tennyson Sands were a Pintail and a Goldeneye.
The persistent rain has resulted in standing water in a number of places on the reserve, including the Plantation.

                                   Flooded path in the Plantation (George Gregory)

December 27th: South went 21 Waxwings, 10 Whooper/ewick's Swans, 4 Stock Doves and a Crossbill. Around were a Rough-legged Buzzard, 7 Goldcrests, a Pintail and a Water Rail.
A prolonged ringing session at Aylmer Avenue yielded 110 birds processed, including a Brambling and 2 Goldcrests.

December 26th: Rainy afternoon. The best birds were 12 Waxwings, 7000 Golden Plovers, a Pintail and a Merlin.

December 25th: Rainy morning. Around were 10 Waxwings, 2 Twites, a Peregrine, 5 Woodcocks, 5000 Golden Plovers, a Pintail, a Lapland Bunting, a Water Pipit, 33 Fieldfares and a Hen Harrier.

December 24th: Rain all day. Around were 8 Waxwings and a Pintail. The huge Golden Plover flock across the River Steeping was disturbed by shooters on Wainfleet Marsh.
The flooded area on Gibraltar Road has increased and has more or less joined up with an enlarged Roadside Pond.

December 23rd: Windy. On Wainfleet Marsh were 16000 Golden Plovers and 2000 Lapwings. Otherwise, the best birds recorded were a 49 Waxwings, a Marsh Harrier, a Hen Harrier, a Merlin, 2 Bramblings, a Woodcock and 25 Corn Buntings.

December 22nd: Rain all day. A Woodcock was at Aylmer Avenue. The Golden Plover flock, mostly across the River Steeping, has increased to 10000 birds.
  The heavy and prolonged recent rain has flooded Gibraltar Road near the Yacht Club, albeit only to a few inches deep. This is on the landward side of the combined sea and tidal river defences, so is not caused by seawater, just by rain. Several times a year the road, car park and paths on the seaward side of the defences are temporarily flooded by seawater at high tides, but this is different.

                                 Gibraltar Road near the Yacht Club (George Gregory)

December 21st: The winter solstice. Around were 500 Golden Plovers. A Long-tailed Duck came in from the north and landed on the sea.
A ringing session at Aylmer Avenue produced the usual finches and tits, including many retraps.
  The World did not end today despite this being long predicted! It looks like another year's ringing coming up in just ten days' time.

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