Sunday, 10 July 2011

Ringing on 14th June 2011

George had a go over at the Observatory today despite the inclement weather. He finished with just 5 birds processed, all of them New birds!

  The catch was made up thus (New/Retrap) - (1/0) Dunnock, (1/0) Sedge Warbler, (1/0) Whitethroat and (2/0) Linnet.

Also reported on the 14th June 2011 were -

x1 Montague's Harrier (Female)
x2 Marsh Harrier
x1 Long Tailed Duck (Mere)
x73 Avocet
x1 Common Sandpiper
x9 Little Gull (South)
x3 Gannet (North)
x1 Turtle Dove (Beach car park)
x1 Spotted Flycatcher
x1 Siskin
x1 Common Rosefinch

Sedge Warbler ringed on the 14th June 2011.
Photo - George Gregory

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