Saturday, 11 June 2011

Ringing on 31st May 2011

Today George was ringing again over at the Obs with limited results whilst over at Syke's Farm in the evening, Lynda Briggs and myself finished off the nest boxes. The result for the day was 34 birds processed including 28 New birds and 6 Retraps.

  Georges catch over at the Obs was made up of (New/Retrap) - (1/1) Dunnock and (0/5) Whitethroat.

  Whilst over at Syke's Farm in the evening, Lynda and myself ringed 3 broods of Blue Tit, 1 of Great Tit, 1 of Jackdaw and 1 of Pied Wagtail which included two birds that Tim Bagworth ringed with us.

  This resulting in (New/Retrap) - (4/0) Pied Wagtail, (15/0) Blue Tit, (6/0) Great Tit and (2/0) Jackdaw.

Also reported on the 31st May 2011 were -

x8 Manx Shearwater (North)
x1 Glaucous Gull (1st summer still around)
x2 Mediterannean Gull (Adult and 1st summer)
x1 Short eared Owl (16.45 over saltmarsh)
x1 Hobby
x1 Peregrine
x1 Buzzard
x1 Black Kite (South down the west dunes and then West at 9.30am)
x1 Golden Oriole (Imm male giving brief song then flying NorthWest out of East Dunes)
x1 Wheatear
Rosefinch - a bird heading south calling twice was probably a rosefinch?
x9 Crossbill (South)

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