Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Reported - 3rd May 2011

Reported on the 3rd May 2011 -

  A cracking day for Gib today with - "A Black Kite appeared over the River Steeping Haven at about 08.55am and caused a mass panic for about 6000 waders and 200 large gulls on the estuary. It spent a minute or so circling and deciding whether to head for Norfolk or coast down the Wash banks - not surprisingly, it opted for the latter and was quickly at about 600ft up, still circling as it drifted south. It was lost after about 6 mins when it was maybe 5km south of Gib", - description of the mornings "rare event" from Kev Wilson - Gibraltar Point Warden.

  That's two Black Kites that Kev's found this year! (1st one was attacking a White Tailed Eagle at Ruckland!)

  In the afternoon a Red Kite was seen by John Shaughnessy and Richard Doan, circling Aylmer Avenue before heading off North West. A few minutes later a Common Buzzard circled the reserve causing panic to the waders etc on Croft Marsh.

  Also reported today was a single Redstart.

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